What is Microsoft Office Mix?

For those who do not know what is Microsoft Office Mix, it is a platform that offers a simple way to turn the Power sides by performing the interactive online lessons that can be learned via presentations. For some students, it might be difficult and expensive to make online lessons that are interactive. So, MS Office mix creates online lessons with fewer expenses or taking help from expensive software. This expensive software can be expensive or it requires some serious technical skills. So, MS Office mix helps you to get the lesson online without any interruptions and extra expenses.

When you want to make an easily created online lesson or presentations with something you know how to use the Powerpoint, then these interactive presentations are known as “Mixes” and hence the tool that is created to build such presentations is known as MS Office mix. The software adds the functionality to the PowerPoint slides, which clearly allows you to record audio or video in your presentation. You can even do a full-screen capture and then record anything on your computer or PC. Remember, once your presentation is ready, you have to tap on the “Upload” option to transform your presentation to a Mix. You can also send or share this presentation.

 What exactly Microsoft Office Mix actually do?

  • The MS Office Mix helps you to create interactive presentations. With Office Mix feature the teachers can easily make students learn with interactive presentations, playable documents that you can view from any device anytime anywhere.
  • The Office Mix software enables users to use new functions in Powerpoint. Users can add a new tab with several features that give you the ability to record the presentations.
  • With MS Office Mix, you can record anything on your PC.
  • It engages the users to record the videos and insert them in the presentation to make it more interactive.
  • Once you tap on the “Upload” button to upload the presentation.
  • Remember, Mixes can be easily viewed on any device and at any point in time.
  • With MS Office Mix you can evaluate the presentation which you have made. There are instant analytics that makes it easy for you to see if someone is watching your mix and more.

How to get and use MS Office Mix on your device?

There are some users who have used the MS Office Mix to record the entire lectures for absent students. You can easily record so that the students can rewatch and learn the important lessons to have a review. Some have used the Office Mix in the blended learning where the lectures and lessons are for the non-traditional places.

The MS Office Mix has gone beyond the classroom boundaries. You can record the important presentations and you can send it to the people who are not physically present there. Moreover, you can even record any meetings and have people to watch the presentations and meeting time for the discussion. This is just the stands and there is much more you can do to creatively use the MS Office Mix software.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has given you enough insights into MS Office Mix software and how can you use the software carefully. However, if you have queries related to the topic in discussion then we strongly recommend you visit Office.com/setup which is the official website that will tell you the most creative way to access MS office mix for making interactive presentations to make learning more fun and creative.

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