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  • How to delay or schedule an email in Outlook?

    Have you ever thought you can compose an email prior and then set a time for it to get delivered? If not, then you are at the right place to learn about this cool feature of Outlook. Whenever a user clicks on the Send option after composing, the message is sent as soon as you […]

  • How to Fix Microsoft Office Error code 0x426-0x0?

    Most of us use Microsoft Office apps or a full Office suite. But, sometimes when we try to install Office 365, it doesn’t get installed. Many users have reported facing the error code 0x426-0x0 during the installation of Office apps or Office setup. There could be several reasons why a user is coming across office […]

  • How to troubleshoot Microsoft Office error 1907?

    Microsoft Office has been the one-stop-shop for business and institutional users for many years. This is because it has all the necessary tools and applications that users need to finish their tasks. On the contrary, sometimes it may show up several error messages that are enough to annoy the user. Microsoft Office error 1907 us one such […]

  • Fix Microsoft Word won’t open in Windows 10 and Mac

    It gets a little annoying when you cannot open Microsoft Office applications including MS Word. This problem is not restricted to a user of a particular version because these problems have reported being faced by users of every version of Office including MS Word 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. To get rid of this problem, […]

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