How to fix Outlook can’t connect to server?

The outlook is a rich information manager that is generally used by many people to get access to their official or personal emails.  There are many things that make it unique from the others as it is much capable of storing, keeping notes, calendars, and other tasks.  You have to connect to the Outlook Exchange server in order to send and receive the emails. However, the Outlook experience might get worse as you are unable to connect to the server. No worries!! If you are going through the error wherein outlook can not connect to the server you can easily fix the error with simple solutions underlying this article.

What are the steps to fix the Outlook Office Account error?

If you need to Troubleshoot Outlook connectivity then there are few tips you need to consider as mentioned below:

  1. Just make sure that the account credentials are accurate.
  2. You need to verify the Outlook application is online.
  3. Make sure your computer is connected to the network.
  4. You need to check the MS Exchange server connection.
  5. Just use SSL in order to connect the MS Exchange server.
  6. You need to configure a connection to a proxy server.
  7. Just repair the Outlook account.
  8. Try to disable the extensions.
  9. You can rebuild the Outlook data file.
  10. Repairing and reinstalling the Outlook application.
  11. You need to repair a profile using the Outlook repair software.

Why is my outlook 365 disconnected?

If outlook trying to connect office 365 and you see Working Offline message on the window below then it strongly means the Outlook is disconnected from the mail server. Moreover, you cannot send or receive the email until it gets reconnected. If your Internet connection is working fine then you can try to reconnect to the mail server.

The bottom line:

As you can now see there are different ways by which you can resolve the outlook can’t connect to server error. If the problem is because of the damaged PST file then we strongly recommend you use the “Outlook Repair” option. For repairing corrupt PST files, there is no other solution to fix the error. We just hope that this article helped you to fix the outlook can’t connect to a server error. However, if the issue still persists then we strongly recommend you visit website and get assistance for the same.

Frequently answered questions:

What do you do when Outlook says Cannot connect to server?

First of all, you need to open the “Control Panel” and tap on the “Programs and Features” options. Now, you need to search the entry for your MS Office installation and select it. Just tap on the “Change” option and select the “Repair” option from the window. Tap on the “Continue” option and allow the repair to complete. In the end, just reboot your computer.

 How do I reconnect outlook to server?

To reconnect outlook to the server using the different login credentials, you need to select the server in the “Resources” window. After this, do one of the following, just right-tap on the “Resources” window and select the Reconnect option as the shortcut menu. In the end, you have to enter the new username and password and tap on the “OK” option.

Why is my email not connecting to the server?

If your ISP or network has a firewall that blocks the connections to your email services outgoing mail server then you need an address of alternative to sever and enter the account settings. On the “Tools” menu you need to choose the option labeled as “Accounts” option. In the left-lined window of the “Accounts” dialog box, you need to choose the “Account” option.






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