Fix Microsoft Office install stuck on running package scripts

MS Office has been quite a useful application from the time it became available in the market. And, to deploy it is one of the easiest processes to follow. However, sometimes, you might come across a situation where you see that ‘Office install stuck’.  But, there is nothing to be serious about it as the installation issues can be fixed by following certain easy workarounds.

Office install stuck

There could be a variant of reasons why one is facing issues like these. The most common among them is when the Windows update is going side by side along with the installation of Office. Other than this, sometimes, the Windows Installer starts to hang itself and won’t cross installation after a certain interval. When you see a message like this “Office install stuck at 0, 2,5, 51, 94, 96” it might terrify you in the beginning.

In case you have canceled the installation when it gets stuck, you will need to repeat the whole process again.

Suggestions to fix “Installation of Office hangs at 90%”

  • The first thing you can try is check if the Office icon has appeared on your desktop. If it has, then force-stop the installation by navigating to the ‘Activity Monitor’ section.
  • In case your device is running an antivirus actively, then you need to disable it temporarily to stimulate the installation.
  • Make sure you have enough patience to wait for each step to complete.
  • Try to install Office in Safe Mode.
  • In case there are corrupt files of the previous/failed installation, delete them in advance.
  • Before you begin reinstalling Office, make sure to uninstall the previous versions completely.

If you have tried everything and nothing worked, then you may need to follow the workarounds that follows.

Check the status of Windows Update

  1. First, press the ctrl+alt+delete keys on the keyboard.
  2. After that, select ‘Task Manager’ from the resulting page.
  3. Then, click on the ‘Processes’ tab.
  4. Here, you need to find the Windows Update Standalone Installer (wusa.exe).
  5. In case you see it, this means the update is running.
  6. In case you don’t, then it means it has completed and now you can begin installing Office.

End the Windows update, if it is installing

In case you do not want any more delays in installing your Office 2016 or Microsoft 365, then you may need to end the Windows Update process. However, if you have enough time and patience, then you can wait for the update o complete.

Note: before you disable Windows Update, you should note that it could lead to another trouble as updating the operating system is of utmost importance.

  1. From the keyboard of your device, press the ctrl+alt+delete.
  2. On the resulting page, select ‘Task Manager’.
  3. When you see Windows update is taking place, then select ‘End Task’.

Try installing Office again and restart your device once it is done. Further, you may resume the Windows Update process.

“Office 365 installation stuck at we’re getting things ready”

If you see this error message on your screen while installing Office via then there is a possibility that your device is running on a slow internet connection. The downloading and installation speed of any software depends on the speed of internet connectivity. Hence, it is suggested to go for a wired internet connection instead of a wireless one to avoid any hassle.

This was all you could do to initiate Office installation once again. For further information, you may get help from Microsoft experts.

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