Office setup via

Ever faced a situation when you are using your laptop, tablet or computer system

Let’s have a glance on how we can set up Office on a compatible device

What is the process for Office setup via

There are three basic procedures to perform the Office setup which include download, install and activate. So let’s get to the basics of each:

  1. 1) First of all, you have to visit
  2. 2) Enter the credentials and go to the page.
  3. 3) Choose the Office product and click on download.
  4. 4) Once the product is downloaded look for the downloaded file in the “Downloads” section.
  5. 5) Double-tap to open it and then run the installation process.
  6. 6) Look for the Microsoft office redeem code that you have received at the time of purchasing the product.
  7. 7) To activate the product, you now have to enter the Microsoft office product key when prompted on-screen.

Point to Remember: These points apply to home and student 2016 and 2019 and work almost on all the versions of your Mac, PC or computers.

What are the steps for the office 365 manual setup?

Here are certain steps for the Office 365 manual setup, follow these steps given below:

  1. 1) First of all, you have to check and then remove the incompatible software.
  2. 2) Just remove all the temporary or old versions of the Office setup.
  3. 3) After this, just run and install all the available office versions and updates.
  4. 4) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. 5) Go through each prompt and processing actions.

Walkthrough to the steps for Microsoft office free download?

There are some certain steps that you need to follow to download Microsoft Office for free via Here are the steps:-

  1. 1) Open your web browser and visit
  2. 2) Enter the credentials and complete the Microsoft office 365 login process.
  3. 3) Go to the products and subscription options and choose your office product.
  4. 4) Once you have made the selection just tap on the option for “Download Free”.
  5. 5) And then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Note: It is advisable to download the paid version so that you can avail of some of the premium features with updated versions.

Is there a need to renew Office subscription via

Microsoft offers you an option to pay for the software every month or an annual basis. Moreover, Microsoft offers a huge variety of subscriptions for the latest versions of the Office setup. It is always better to renew it in advance. You can visit for more information.

For further assistance:

Office programs and software can help you to manage your work efficiently. It is very important to download and activate the Office setup via You can further follow the instructions for the home and student 2016 and 2019. If you are still in confusion related to the Office setup and applications then visit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Microsoft Office 365 is an updated software solution that includes the MS Office along with applications and other services. These services do include email, collaborating software such as Microsoft cloud server. It is an updated version of Microsoft Office software that will have the updated software with the latest functions.

Yes, you can visit to get Microsoft Office for free. If you wish to experience a free version of Office setup for a full month then visit the official website and then follow the signup process. The free trial allows you to download Office 365 on five PCs, Mac or other android devices.

The Microsoft Office suite does include the programs to increase your working credibility. The software and programs include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word Processing tool, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet, Powerpoint, Outlook for email services, calendar management, MS Access, and other database management program along with software like Microsoft OneNote.

Yes, there is a free or trial version of Microsoft Office for Windows 10, you can easily download the trial version from the official Microsoft Office website that goes by the URL You need to remember that the free version will only work for 1 month and after that, you have to switch your services to the paid version.

The Microsoft 365 comes with only a single console that enables you to manage the users along with the connected devices. You can easily enable deploy the Office applications to Windows 10 PCs. These security tools you will not get in Office 365. However, Office 365 comes with the ability to secure the data on the devices and secure access.

First of all, you have to tap on the “Settings” option and then tap in the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. Followed by this, you have to click on the “Add Account” option and then tap on the “Exchange” button. You just have to enter the Office 365 credentials and click on the “Next” option. You just have to wait to see the verification. After this, you have to choose the services that you wish to sync to your iPhone or iPad. In the end, you have to open the mail app on your iPhone to see your latest mail account.

First of all, get Office 365 using your school credentials at The Microsoft Office offers Office 365 education for free. Now, get the free trial for Office 365 or ProPlus. Moreover, convince your organization to get Office 365 for free via

The Office 365 cost is nearly about $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month and this will cover up all the five computers in a house. This also includes the Windows PCs and Mac desktops. Microsoft offers a variety of software and computers at a very affordable price range.

To update Microsoft Office on your Mac devices you need to firstly, open any of the Office applications on your desktop. Click on the “Help” option that is located on the top of the screen. Now, you just have to tap on the “Check for Updates” option and then select the option labeled as “Automatically Download and Install” button. In the end, just tap on the “Check for updates” and follow the on-screen instructions.

First of all, go to the and download the Offline installer. If you are a new user then click on “Create a new account” option. Tap on the option labeled as “Install Office” from the Install page. Go to the Download and install Window and then select the “Other options” tab. Select the language you want to install Office and tap on the “Download” button. When prompted on screen select the “Save” button. Once the download process is completed, open the File Explorer and search the file in the drive.

Yes, the Office setup is legitimate, not all Microsoft URLs have Microsoft in it. The moment you install the setup from the official website. The Office will automatically link the registered email account and you need not reinstall the Office setup from the website.

If you wish to activate Microsoft Office on Mac or PC operating systems, you just need to have a Microsoft Office product key to open the Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel. Once you start to access the product you have to enter the product key to avail of its services.

First of all, you have to tap on the “Start” option to access the Word application. After this, select the option labeled as “Activate” and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process without any interruptions.

First of all, use the “Task Scheduler” option and then troubleshoot using the Windows Store just temporarily deactivate antivirus software for PC. After this, rename the Microsoft Help Folder and remove all the files of Microsoft Office from your PC and then reinstall it.

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